Mouse Trap

Cold Metal snaps shut

Spring flies to life

Bones crack, blood spills

Thrilled, Killed, Left with nothing but fading life.

The cheese…so tempting…untouched. The lure remains to sparkle.

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Red Heads.

Slim Bodies; Fire and Heat…

…Consuming fascination. Burnt fingertips.

Someone apparently loves my work. #LoveIt #ShareIt #GiveIt

Someone apparently loves my work. #LoveIt #ShareIt #GiveIt


I love a good twist.



Muscles contort and tense.

I am struck by your sliding-upward skirt and stricken with impartial terror.

The lines in fabric become shorter and compressed as you pull at it.

Your eyes catch fire and the story is told in bright bold letters.

Letters I’ll never send now so utterly unnecessary.

You need me, in this moment, now. The urgency is threatening to cease

My very heart’s beating. I am trying to breathe through the tension but

You break the zipper and set me free and seek my immediate release.

We swipe clean the desk and rip clothes at the creases.

I envision Church steeples and feel imprisoned by indecision.

You are a vision but I am a blind and bland old man.

You take my hand and pull me in with powerful legs, yet

I can barely stand under this great weight of depravity.

Gravity gives me the old college try and I collapse.

I’m dying just inside you. My skin turns blue to match the hue

Of your discarded lace. The look on your face is horrified and priceless.

As I descend to the floor you spiral into madness. How fitting.

Tragic magic.


Gig Life at the National Guard Armory just outside of Omaha, NE. From this last Saturday. I waged war with a good friend/bitter enemy.



Who now stands righteous, tell me if you can

The mirror does not represent a hero, nor a man

A child, wracked with hate, shame and pain there now stands

Reprimanded by God, or by fate’s calloused hands

Scars remain from scares felt in past

Try to outrun them but they run too fast

There is no glory, nor joy here, nor class

I swipe the food to the floor and then chew up the glass

The crowd around all gasp and laugh, but I laugh last

I write my own king’s epitaph then vanish in a flash.

I forgot how to ‘life.’

I forgot how to ‘life.’



Falling backward, eyes seeking my destination

My life, deflated, my soul incapacitated

My mind, deflated and berated by others

I seek an end, a rest. My body will bend like the best of them.

My Face will be fractured by concrete,

My spine will snap and my body splat as my skull meets my feet.

My life not completed yet, but nonetheless…now complete.

My favorite song on repeat will be my haunting eulogy

Your strange beliefs won’t keep my corpse warm.

Swarm around a hole in the ground. Look down solemnly.

Grieve for me, please. My grave will need your ‘sympathy.’

Keep my memory warm as you put it in the background noise.

Don’t try to cry, you’ll run your mascara

And ruin your ‘poise.’



Somewhere between what’s in my head

and Home inside my heart

Lay layers of rust, dust, and the scent of fallen concepts

It’s a daydream graveyard

And the ghosts still haunt me from six feet beneath

My memory.



It’s never been about the ending.

Some sending hate, some sending love, some not sending anything.

There is no way to stop the cascading thoughts.

Not with all the choices we’ve made and the pains we’ve happily bought.

Chase the bitter pill of truth with a Vicodin.

It won’t stop the pain that’s draining the joy from the life you live.

Drinks last till the bottom of the glass and pills till you wake up.

So put the bottle back in the drawer and bottom up that cup.



So far the protein and the snack bars are tremendous. The accelerator isn’t something I’ve entirely noticed working yet, but the cleanse and the energy have strong reputations. Excited to see how they work.

So far the protein and the snack bars are tremendous. The accelerator isn’t something I’ve entirely noticed working yet, but the cleanse and the energy have strong reputations. Excited to see how they work.



Hey there:


Help a brother out. Add to your unique wardrobe. I would bet you money that no one else in your area has any of these. I’ll even autograph them for free (and smile like an idiot) if you bring them/wear them to any shows I’m on.